AI Video Pandemic Prevention and Control Solution

With the digital era, it’s not a leverage but need of business to have Safe and intelligent office environment for the protection of their employees and visitors. There are two legs of security to have secure offices i.e. Epidemic Prevention and Physical security. To better understand please refer to image below:

Mdvin technologies offer end-to-end solution to address both types of Securities. Our solution is fully based on Artificial intelligence with global implementation references. This is one window solution to achieve multiple business needs i.e. Facial Attendance System, Intrusion Control, Behavior Analysis and Bespoke feature as product is fully customize to address any specific need.

Physical Security Solution

Our solution covers end-to-end physical security elements in any smart campus

Epidemic Security Solution

Our solution comprises of mentioned modules:

  • Thermal Camera Body Temperature Detection
  • Fever & Mask Detection
  • Facial Recognition
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection
  • Behavior Analytics Detection
  • People Density Detection
  • Personnel Management & Control

Thermal Camera Body Temperature Detection

Personnel Temperature Measurement

Mask Detection + Face Recognition

  • Fast deployment and accurate recognition; deployment within 1 day , FR recognition accuracy rate > 80%@10,000 face database with face mask.
  • High temperature measurement accuracy and long distance: accuracy ±0.3,: measurement range reaches 10m.
  • Face temperature correlation: face recognition and human body temperature measurement data associated, and identify people with fever.

  • Fever Detection: Temperature measurement precision ± 0.3 ° C Facial Recognition for identity confirmation
  • Mask Check: Recognition of faces not wearing masks: 95 % + accuracy; real-time alerts;
  • Statistics of historical temperature can be generated.

Fever Detection and Mask Detection

Facial Recognition Access

  • Access Right Control: Only allow the whitelist persons with normal temperature to pass, prevent the unknown and risk person away.
  • Fast deployment and accurate recognition:deployment within 1 day, FR recognition accuracy rate > 80 % @ 10,000 face database with face mask.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection

  • The detection accuracy is up to 90% for complicated scenario.
  • 5G camera for no optical fiber scenario.
  • It works well under Infrared Light.
  • Avoid False alarms caused by animals.
  • Support ROI-based detection.
  • Uses deep learning algorithm to eliminate interference of rain, snow, and small animals, reducing false positives and false negatives.

People Density Detection to Reduce Risks

  • People recognition rate > 90%
  • The detection area is up to 30m * 30m
  • 5G Camera for no optical fiber scenario
  • Vertical installation not required; applicable to various indoor or outdoor scenarios.

Personnel Management and Control Scenario

  • People Tracking/blacklist management/whitelist management
  • Use facial recognition to track suspicious people
  • Diagnosis lists are synchronized regularly
  • Face recognition accuracy is 80 % with mask